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Creating a Self Service Report for QlikView

Every self respecting Qlik Dashboard should end in an option to create a self service report.  I’ve taken the pain out of writing your own one by providing an easy to use template with downloadable code and a printable cheat sheet.  You’re welcome. Flexi Report is just a chart object (usually Pivot or Straight table) […]

December 29, 2017

QlikView’s Previous() and Peek() are not the same

Peek() and Previous() read data from different locations creating a pitfall for the developer but also an opportunity. Understanding the difference ensures optimal performance and fewer coding exceptions To state Previous() and Peek() are different may sound like a fairly obvious statement and I wouldn’t criticise you (much) if your prime reason for coming here […]

February 8, 2016

Non Comparative Dates Image

Extreme Synthetic Dimensions in QlikView

Mixing ValueLoop, ValueList and Parametarised Variables to create the mother of all synthetic dimensions I’ve seen quite a few posts recently about the use of QlikView’s Dollar Sign Expansion using parameters and the use of the ValueLoop() and ValueList() functions.  I thought, for my first post I would demonstrate a real world example combining all […]

January 23, 2016